Post & Beam Home Designs

Below you will find a range of "thought starter" floor plans. As these are Post & Beam house designs, they can be made with a wide range of building materials including Timbercrete, mud brick, Colorbond® cladding, clay brick, timber cladding, stone, rammed earth, strawbale. They generally have a nominal overall width of 7.45 metres because this is the optimum for passive solar design. The width can be varied to anything you wish - wider or narrower, design whatever you want and we'll help you with it, there are no limits.

Floor plans follow a modular format and each module is a 1800mm slice of the house. At 7450mm width, each module represents about 13.4 sq metres (1.5 squares). You can just keep adding or subtracting modules to get the size home you want. Download our free starter pack on our Home Page and you get a plan booklet with all of these designs, plus information on energy efficient design and a DIY grid plan for sketching your ideas.

MODULE 7 Version A
Size: 95.7 sq m (10.3 squares)
Compact three bedroom home making efficient use of space with large open plan kitchen adjacent to family/meal areas. Spacious living areas. Optional loft over kitchen end of home can provide additional fourth bedroom, study or retreat and the added character of lofted cathedral ceilings.


MODULE 7 Version B
Size: 95.7 sq m (10.3 squares)
Two large bedrooms with possibility of third bedroom or study in optional loft at either or both ends of house. Large open plan country kitchen with servery adds to feeling of space. Verandahs or pergolas can provide excellent sheltered outdoor BBQ area adjacent to family room. Huge open plan lounge.

MODULE 7 Version C
Size: 95.7 sq m (10.3 squares)- nominal
96.7 sq m (10.4 squares)-as shown
"Zone" design is the feature of this three bedroom home. Service areas provide buffer against sound travelling from entertaining to sleeping areas. Open plan kitchen adds to impact of spaciousness in this compact dwelling. Large lounge and family area. Optional open fire can warm the whole living area on wintery nights.

MODULE 8 Version A
Size: 109.1 sq m (11.8 squares)- nominal
112.5 sq m (12.1 squares)-as shown
Ultimate "zoned" living in a compact three bedroom home. Central service areas provide logical division of entertaining and day-to-day living. Large bathroom. Optional kitchen garden window can provide additional interest. Optional open fire in lounge would be a gathering place for the family on bleak cold nights.

MODULE 8 Version B
Size: 109.1 sq m (11.8 squares)-nominal
110.1 sq m (11.9 squares)-as shown
Three bedroom open plan home with living and sleeping areas divided to provide huge unrestricted living space. Large family kitchen adds to open effect. Optional mezzanine loft at either end of house can provide extra bedroom, study or retreat area. Substantial master bedroom. Optional open fire can be central feature of whole living area either at the end of the house as shown, or as a divider between the family and lounge.

MODULE 8 Version C
Size: 109.1 sq m (11.8 squares)
Large country kitchen opening onto spacious central living area. Two large bedrooms. Optional mezzanine loft, at either or both ends of the house, can provide upstairs third bedroom, study or retreat with the additional impact of lofted cathedral ceilings and balustrades. Optional open fire would be dominant central feature of living zone.

MODULE 9 Version A
Size: 125.9 sq m (13.6 squares) - nominal
129.2 sq m (13.9 squares) - as shown
This plan has particular appeal to those who see the virtues which flow from "zoned" living. Central service areas provide a buffer against sound disturbing each zone. Extra large family area made even larger by the effect of open kitchen, with optional garden window to add additional character. Optional open fire in sizeable lounge provides cosiness on bleak rainy nights.

MODULE 9 Version B
Size: 125.9 sq m (13.6squares)
Spacious yet compact two bedroom home. Huge master bedroom. Possibility of third bedroom in optional loft can odd character with lofted cathedral ceilings and balustrading. Huge central living area. Intimate lounge with optional open fire as focus.

MODULE 9 Version C
Size: 125.9 sq m (13.6 squares)-nominal
126.9sq m (13.7 squares)-as shown
Compact three bedroom home (with possibility of fourth bedroom, retreat or study in optional loft). Spacious master bedroom. Compact service areas enable maximizing of living areas. Open plan kitchen and family room make this area appear huge. Optional open fire in lounge provides a cheery glow on cold nights.

MODULE 10 Version A
Size: 136.0 sq m (14.7 squares) -nominal
137.0 sq m (14.8 squares)-as shown
Another example of "zoned" living providing separateness and privacy between sleeping areas. Large family area made even larger by effect of open plan kitchen. Semi-formal dining adjacent to baronial lounge with optional open fire as focal point. Grand master bedroom with ensuite and WIR. Optional loft provides additional retreat area, study or bedroom.

MODULE 10 Version B
Size: 136.0 sq m (14.7 squares) -nominal
137.0 sq m (14.8 squares)-as shown
Large three bedroom home with secondary bedrooms onto family/rumpus area. Compact laundry and bathroom areas enable maximum use of space for sizeable living areas at opposite ends of house. Open plan kitchen adds to effect. Optional fireplace provides warmth and comfort on winter's nights.

MODULE 10 Version C
Size: 136.0 sq m (14.7 squares) -nominal
137.0 sq m (14,8 squares) -as shown
The "split" effect of this four bedroom home makes it seem much larger. All living areas focus around open plan kitchen while enabling each area to remain separate. Optional open fire to lounge can provide additional character. Optional loft can add another dimension of vaulted ceilings and balustrades.

MODULE 11 Version A
Size: 149.4 sq m (16.1 squares) - nominal
139.2 sq m (15.0 squares)-As shown
"Zoned" open plan layout with bedrooms separated by spacious living areas. Optional courtyard brings outside garden right into house. Open kitchen with optional garden window to large family living area makes the living section seem even bigger. Optional open fire dominates living and lounge areas. Optional upstairs loft can provide for additional children's area, bedroom or study.

MODULE 11 Version B
Size: 149.4 sq m (16.1 squares) - nominal
147.3 sq m (15.9 squares)-as shown
Central living zone provides buffer between adult and children's resting areas. Optional fernery provides additional effect in en-suite and dining rooms. Optional open fire is central cosy focus of lounge on bleak nights. Optional upper mezzanine area can add another dimension of space with the effect of soaring cathedral ceilings and balustrades.

MODULE 11 Version C
Size: 149.4 sq m (16.1 squares) - nominal
151.3 sq m (16.3 squares) -as shown
Living and sleeping areas separated by impressive entry hall. Substantial kitchen with optional garden window opens onto huge family area. Semi-formal lounge/retreat area with optional open fire to provide central focus is large enough for any entertainment needs.

MODULE 12 Version A
Size: 162.8 sq m (17.5 squares)-nominal
164.5 sq m (17.7 squares) -as shown
"Zoned" living with immense central area separating parents' and children's sleeping areas. Semi-formal dining off huge lounge with optional open fire as dominant focus. Visitors entry into large open plan casual living areas with spacious kitchen. Optional kitchen garden window for extra space and character. Optional mezzanine loft can add another dimension of space with vaulted cathedral ceilings and the charm of balustrades.

MODULE 12 Version B
Size: 162.8 sq m (17.5 squares) - nominal
167.7 sq m (18.1 squares)-as shown
Living and sleeping areas at opposite ends of house with buffer against sound intrusion achieved by en-suite and service areas between. Grand four bedroom residence with spacious country kitchen and rumpus room. Immense lounge and semi-formal dining alcove. Optional open fire provides cosy warmth on bitter winter's nights.

MODULE 12 Version C
Size: 162.8sq m (17.5 squares) - nominal
167.5sq m (18.1 squares)-as shown
Extra large country kitchen is the focal point of living area. Huge adjacent family area with optional bay window. Semi-formal dining area opens onto intimate lounge with optional cosy open fire. Impressive master bedroom with en-suite and WIR. Secondary bedrooms are very spacious. Optional upstairs loft can add considerable extra space and character.


Because the Post & Beam building system is non-load-bearing neither the internal or external walls support the roof. External walls can be of Timbercrete masonry, mud brick, stone, clay brick, timber - in fact anything you want.

Also the internal design arrangement has no limitation and the internal walls can also be of any material you desire. Design whatever you want and we'll help you with it. If you download our free DIY House Design kit you will get a plan booklet with all of these designs to help you with ideas for your own house design.

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