Roof Designs For a Post & Beam Home

One of the major choices in designing your Post & Beam home is the selection of a roof style and whether or not you want verandahs.

Verandahs can be placed on either or both sides of your home and also on both ends if you desire. However, you should remember that good passive solar design principles suggest that the northern side of your home should have an eave instead to allow for the controlled entry of sunlight into your home during Winter. 


Colonial Roof Designs

Colonial roof style for post and beam home      Colonial roof with verandahs 
Common Colonial Roof 

With Highlight Window
& Verandah

Colonial Roof with Verandahs




The Colonial roofline provides a moderately sloped exposed cathedral ceiling which keeps the heat away from you during the warmer months yet enables easy heating of the house during Winter.



Loft Roof Design  

The Loft roofline provides a much steeper roof pitch which allows for an upstairs mezzanine area providing additional living space. The vaulted roof also makes the home cooler during Summer. 





Sanctum Roof Designs

The Sanctum roofline is similar to the Loft except that part of the roof is raised to provide extra living space in the upstairs mezzanine area. 






Clerestory Roof Design

The Clerestory roofline incorporates two distinct roof pitch angles to accommodate a central lengthwise window. This central window creates a source of subtle lighting and enables sunlight to be controlled into the southern side of the house in Winter providing additional warmth. The vaulted roof also makes the home much cooler during Summer.

Clerestory Roof Design Post and Beam Home Clerestory Roof

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