What is Timbercrete?

Timbercrete is an environmentally sustainable, masonry product made to a patented formula and we have used it to create many beautiful homes. Timbercrete can be made to look like cobblestone, sandstone or mud brick, and it can be nailed, screwed or sawn like timber and has brilliant insulation properties and a lovely natural look.

It is a fantastic medium to build with.  It can give the same effect as mud brick but with higher thermal insulating properties.  And this can be a significant advantage when you are designing a home to a 6 Star energy efficiency standard.

Like mud brick, each timbercrete block is hand crafted which provides a unique look and feel that mass produced blocks and bricks cannot match.

Other relevant facts about Timbercrtete are:

  • Timbercrete walls can cost less than mud brick, brick veneer or cavity brick walls so they reduce building costs.
  • The insulation value of 250mm Timbercrete walls is R1.25. Brick veneer and cavity brick (without added wall insulation) have a little more than half this insulation value.
  • Timbercrete offers unique thermal qualities, combining thermal mass and insulation. It retains heat in winter and keeps it outside in summer.
  • Timbercrete is a bushfire proof, allowing minimal heat transfer and radiation.
  • Timbercrete is extremely user friendly. It can be nailed, screwed and sawn like timber.
  • Timbercrete is a 100% Australian product, invented in Australia, produced by Australians from Australian raw materials, and is covered by international patent PCT/AU01/00520.

For more information on Timbercrete® products visit the Timbercrete website or download the pdf here adobe pdf"Building with Timbercrete".

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