The Post and Beam Building Method

Our homes are constructed using the traditional post and beam building method. Large posts and beams are used to create the load bearing frame of the home, and become stunning down to earth features of your home's interior.

The strength of the load bearing timbers means the internal and external walls of your home aren't required to support the roof, (as in the light timber and veneer houses we so often see today) creating a range of advantages including.

Virtually unlimited design flexibility.
As internal walls are not load bearing you can create any internal layout you want.

An ability to use virtually any building material
Timbercrete, mud bricks, timber, sandstone, kiln fired bricks, straw bale and bluestone are just some examples of building materials you could use, but you can use virtually any building material you want when you use a post and beam load bearing structure.

Other Advantages

Six Star+ energy efficiency All Post & Beam individually designed homes are assessed by an accredited Energy Assessor right through from the sketch plan stage using Sustainability Victoria's FirstRate energy usage modelling computer software program.

We Build for you
If you want your home built to fully registered completion (or lock-up, minimum occupancy or any other stage) then this can be done for you. We can build whatever you want right through to the final finishing touches.

You Build and Save - Owner built Post & Beam kits.
If on the other hand you want to build your own home with your own hands then we can supply all the materials you need right down to the last nut and bolt, pre-cut, coded and ready to assemble together with our easy to understand plain English illustrated construction manual.

Then you are set to build it entirely yourself, but rest assured we are always there if you need a hand or some helpful advice.

Built in stages

We can design your new home with you so that it can be built in affordable stages. The first stage can be built with all the facilities you need to move in. You save on rent and reduce your mortgage loan. The next stage can be started whenever time or savings are available.

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