A Personal Account By David Baetge

Our 100 acre property is located in Buxton directly adjacent to the Cathedral Mountain Range State Park. It was right in the middle of the firestorm which occurred in the 2009 Black Saturday bushfires. I stayed to defend our property. What follows is my account of what happened to me in these bushfires.


It has taken me some time to write this missive. Mostly the reasons for the delay are that there has been so much to do simply to get our property back into some sort of working order – preliminary fixing of fences, repairing infrastructure, tending to our cattle which were severely stressed and started calving a couple of weeks after the fires and also getting my building business operational again after $000's of irreplaceable cypress posts were burned. 

Also, another reason for the delay in writing my account has been because I didn’t want it to have an overly-emotional aspect. I wanted it to be as factual as I could possibly make it.